Chef Talk: Miso Corn

Now on our menu as a seasonal special, our Miso Corn is a unique addition with a story behind it. For our Executive Chef, Ben Dorado, corn has always been a symbol of summertime. Ben’s memories of his childhood in New Jersey include family bbq’s in which someone was always grilling corn. Sourced locally from New Jersey, which is known for its corn, Ben put a Haru spin on this recipe by adding white miso and scallions to bring out Japanese flavors. The recipe is simple but provides the perfect balance between the ingredients to add brightness and freshness. Ben tells us that miso has its own earthiness — it’s sweet, salty and has an umami flavor. Adding butter was an easy decision, since as Dorado says, “butter and corn are like peanut butter and jelly”– they go together and bringing in the miso heightens everything.

On our menu now through October 1st, don’t miss out on this special addition to our menu. Learn more!

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