About Cities2Night

Who are we?

Cities2night is your guiding light to some of the best restaurants, bars, clubs, and events in cities around the United States and Europe. Featuring over 10 locations and still growing, Cities2night offers a free membership service that basically delivers the good stuff for any social bird: happy hours, events, grand openings, etc, as well as member-only benefits like exclusive invites & free admission!

What makes us so special?

Hmmmm… Member benefits? Social network integration? Delivering the inside scoop on your city? Our wide array of events? Pick one. Art shows, happy hours, wine tastings, fundraisers, beer pong tournaments… you name it. Cities2night will exceed your expectations and accommodate your needs to allow you the opportunity to get involved socially so that you always have places2go, things2do and people2meet.

Where are we?

What's Next?

Find your city. Then find what you're looking for. Unless it's true love, we can't help with that. A happy hour spot for your office so you can establish some cubicle-cred? Something to do on a Tuesday because you're bored senseless? That ridiculous sushi place that you can't pronounce but you know where it is? Yes, we can help with that. All of that. Go to cities2night.com, thank us later.

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