What’s with the red tattoo wall?

Have you ever noticed the red wall of tattoo toile in our dining room?  Many years ago during one of our renovations, our Chef Andy decided to make his tattoos (and those of other chefs) a permanent part of the interior decor.  Tattoos and chefs go hand in hand (quasi-pun intended).

So why the red tattoo toile wall?  As reported on by Corby Kummer for The Atlantic back in 2011:

“Husbands was well enough known for his body art that when he was remodeling his restaurant, Anne Barrett, an architect …together with a Massachusetts photographer named Liz Linder, came up with the idea of inviting chefs and farmers with food-related tattoos to gather in the demolished space and be photographed for a fabric Barrett wanted to create made of the motifs they found. A Facebook invitation yielded what Husbands described as a huge response, and a large square of the resulting toile–the French blockprint repeating-pattern fabric that was very popular in the 18th-century and comes in and out of fashion–now covers one wall of Tremont 647.”

Read Kummer’s full article on chefs and their tattoos.

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