Tales of the Cocktails

Love a good cocktail? At Haru we have some of the best, crafted by our Senior Director of Beverages, Alfredo Martinez. He finds new sources of inspiration every day in order to provide the most captivating cocktails for people to indulge. He tells us how at the end of the day, our classic drinks will always be masterpieces.
Alfredo’s all-time favorite drinks include our Lycheetini, Yuzu Mule, and Nikka Hi Ball. The Nikka Hi Ball in particular strikes Martinez as one of the most traditional drinks on Haru’s menu – it is classic and beautiful in its simplicity. The cocktail consists of three simple ingredients: Nikka Japanese Whiskey, fresh lemon and club soda. Martinez crafted this cocktail in a simple way in order to make it very approachable for anyone who desires to try something new.
The cocktails on Haru’s menu are light and refreshing because of sushi’s delicate nature. When paired together, our sushi and drinks create an invigorating Haru experience.

Come by and sip on a drink at Haru!

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