Drink Talk: Sippin’ Summer

As the summer heat intensifies, you’ll find yourself craving a fresh drink. What will you indulge in? A basic mimosa? A not-so special margarita? Yawn. We know that it’s time to put a spin on classic summer sips. Meet Alfredo Martinez – Senior Director of Beverage. He believes that when it comes to creating the perfect drink, it is crucial to understand the customer’s state of mind. For this reason, our seasonal specials this summer were crafted delicately by Alfredo to satisfy the palate of anyone who drinks one of his mixed drinks. Here is the inside scoop on which ideas fueled the creation of our delectable summertime cocktails…

Our lineup this season features: Haru’s Summer, Passion Fruit & Elderflower Margarita, and Haru’s Mimosa. Alfredo explains how the margarita is the ideal summertime drink – it’s crisp and fresh. This take on such a popular drink provides the perfect twist on a typical margarita. The Haru Summer and Haru Mimosa are also summer essentials. This is no regular mimosa – it is heavily influenced by Japanese culture. Typically, people consume hot or cold sake, but sparkling sake has been taking over the market. Becoming very popular in Japan, this ingredient became necessary for Alfredo – its sweetness is unmatched with any other sake. Martinez emphasizes how important it is for a cocktail to have such a clean and refreshing flavor profile, especially during hot summer days.

Join us at Haru to savor these seasonal specials before they’re gone!

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